Which companies are using the 3rd stimulus?

3rd tranche of stimulus spending has been used for stimulus work at the construction and manufacturing sectors, with some of the highest employment gains reported in a generation.

The government announced that the spending would help restore jobs, with a total of $12.3 billion being spent on the first quarter.

Construction industry employment increased by 15,000 to 2.5 million and the manufacturing sector saw an 8 per cent increase to 2 million.

The increase in employment came as the Federal Government announced that it had received the highest number of applications for unemployment benefits in almost 20 years.

The Job Seekers Allowance was also increased from $8.50 to $8 per hour.

The Federal Government has been working hard to make sure the economy is booming again, with the first quarterly growth in unemployment rate in more than four years.

But it has also been forced to look at its long-term budget plans and how it will respond to the latest stimulus package.

Here are some of our best stories about the 3 tranche.


2nd tranche is back The $8 billion in stimulus funding announced in February has been a huge boost for the construction sector.

Construction activity increased by 19 per cent, the strongest growth in a decade, with construction and other construction-related employment in Victoria expected to increase by 10 per cent over the next three years.

However, the growth in construction and related jobs has been overshadowed by the 3-tranche of spending.

The construction industry has been hit hard by the loss of jobs during the mining boom.

A total of 2,933 construction jobs were lost over the period, while 3,500 were created in the construction industry.

As the mining sector has been affected by the downturn in the economy, the mining industry has experienced an overall drop in output and jobs over the last four years, with many mining firms losing more than half of their workforce.

2.3 million Australians have been offered support in the last year One in five people in Australia has been offered jobseekers assistance, up from 1 in 10 in 2010.

The Government has also increased funding for the Lifeline program, which provides financial support to people who need help in getting back on their feet after a severe downturn in employment.

3.3 trillion dollars for the economy The Government announced on Friday that the budget will provide $3.3tn for the Commonwealth’s economy over the coming five years.

This will be funded through increased spending in education and health, and the creation of 2.8 million jobs in health and wellbeing.

The additional spending will help the economy recover from the downturn, and will be offset by $1.7 trillion in spending cuts over the same period.

But the Government also announced a number of new programs, including $1bn for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, $500m for the Disability Insurance Commission, and $1m for childcare, to ensure families have the support they need.

4.3million Australians living in remote areas A total number of 2 million Australians are living in Australia’s remote areas, and almost a quarter of these are living on less than $50,000 a year.

This has been exacerbated by the fact that Australia’s Government has cut the funding for remote areas by 25 per cent in the past decade.

It is a problem that will only get worse in the years ahead, as the Government attempts to ensure that remote communities can continue to thrive.

5.3billion Australians live in poverty Some 3.4 billion people live in Australia.

Some $3bn per day is spent on welfare, food and other assistance, which has led to many Australians struggling to feed themselves and their families.

In some cases, the cost of food has been so great that some people have resorted to eating animals.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) estimates that more than 1.4 million Australians, or just under 1 per cent of the population, are living below the poverty line.

These figures have been particularly stark for Aboriginal people, who account for over 10 per part of the overall Australian population.

Some of the biggest beneficiaries of the stimulus will be the Indigenous community.

About $2.6bn of the $3tn stimulus package will be spent on Indigenous programs, with $300m earmarked for a $700 million grant to Aboriginal communities in Western Australia.

Aboriginal leaders have warned that this will only be the start of the government’s commitment to Indigenous affairs.

6.3m people will have no income by 2019 The Federal Budget announced on Thursday that it would increase the age of eligibility for unemployment benefit from 36 to 36 and the maximum wage threshold from $55,000 per year to $65,000.

It also introduced a new tax-free allowance for people who receive unemployment benefits.

7.2 million Australians living below poverty line The Government will also increase the amount that Australians living on low incomes are eligible for by a further $400 a fortnight.

This increases to $1,100 a fortnight,

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