Snow hits ski resorts in the U.S. ahead of stimulus package

Snow is coming early in the winter for ski resorts.

In addition to snowpack that typically falls in early February, ski resorts will see the biggest amount of snow in months, as the country recovers from a deadly blizzard last weekend.

Ski areas in the western states of Washington and Montana, where the blizzard hit, are seeing more than 5 feet of snow.

And the snow that will fall is expected to be more than double what it normally is.

In the Pacific Northwest, the Sierra Nevada snowpack will be about a third the amount of the rest of the region.

Ski resorts in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, along with the Great Basin, are expecting the most snow.

In Alaska, which is still recovering from the blizzards, the snowpack is expected at least 4 inches.

“We’ll have an additional 2- to 4-foot of snow, but it’ll be more like 3- to 5-foot,” said Steve Jones, president of the North Face and the North Slope ski resorts, which are in the Washington area.

Snow has been falling in some areas of the U,S.

The White House is urging people to take the snow out of the driveway and into the woods.

Snow is falling in parts of California and New York.

Some parts of Utah are getting 6 inches of snow and some areas in Nevada are expected to see more than 6 inches.

Snow in Utah is expected from the Sierra to the Colorado River.

It will be a tough time to get a lot of snow because of the blustery conditions, said John D. Stacey, a spokesman for the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City.

“It will be very cold in many places, especially in the areas that are getting snow,” he said.

“And the cold air from the south is going to be a big factor, and that will be the biggest factor.”

The snowfall will make the ski season a little bit easier in the eastern states, which will get more snow, said Jeff Mears, president and CEO of the Mountain West Association.

The snowpack could be as much as 3 feet, and in some places it could be more, he said, adding that snow could be on the order of 2 feet.

In Arizona, the weather bureau has forecast snowfall in parts north of Tucson and Santa Fe that could be up to 5 feet.

Snow will fall in parts on the northern slopes of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado Plateau.

It could be a good day for snow, Mears said.

The National Weather Services forecast snow at least 6 inches in Utah, Arizona and Nevada, with the largest snow in the south and the largest in California.

The agency said the area will see a mix of snow over the next several days.

The last time that much snow fell in the northern Rockies was in the spring of 2009.

There has been an increase in snowfall during the winter months in Colorado, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Washington, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center.

In Utah, snowfall has been a lot less in the last two months.

Snowfall totals have been relatively steady since March.

The amount of precipitation in the past four months, meanwhile, has been just 1.5 inches, according the weather service.

“This is a very difficult time for the people of the United States,” said Jones.

“Snow is coming, and we are expecting it to be pretty much like last winter,” he added.

The U. S. ski industry is expected be on its heels this winter.

The ski industry had a loss of more than $600 million in the first half of the year.

The industry lost $743 million during the same period in 2012.

The Winter Olympics in Sochi in February brought in $965 million, according a Bloomberg report.

Snow fell in Utah during the Olympics and was forecast to continue for the Olympics, which started Jan. 5.

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