How to get $40 off your next cable bill with this one-month coupon

We’ve all heard of the $40 one-year Sling TV promo.

And it’s been one of the best-selling deals on the channel.

But there’s one thing that hasn’t made it to our news feeds: The $40 bundle that includes the $20 Sling video streaming service and the $10 Sling Mobile service.

And while the deal has been popular with cord cutters, the $30 Sling bundle that comes with the $60 Sling HD service and $30 HBO Go bundle hasn’t been quite as popular.

In fact, the Sling and HBO Go bundles are no longer available for purchase in the Slinger Store, but you can still get them by subscribing to the Roku channels.

And the Sled Mobile bundle is still a great deal, offering a decent price for $40, plus the option to watch a few movies for free.

But the $25 bundle, which comes with a Roku TV, a Roku Stick, and a Roku Media Player, is still not the best value for the money.

That’s because it doesn’t include the HBO Go service, which is one of Roku’s biggest selling points.

HBO Go has been the main reason people are switching to Roku over Apple TV or Amazon Fire TV.

But it doesn.

Roku’s Roku TV and Roku Media player are more expensive than the Roku device itself, but both have a built-in Netflix app.

That said, it’s possible to get an inexpensive Roku device and add a few more features for $25.

So, if you’re a cord cutter who just wants to save money, the Roku deal is a great way to do it.

If you’re already a cord cutter and want to save even more money, you should go ahead and get the $15 Sling Starter Bundle.

That includes both the $12 Sling Video streaming service plus a $5 Sling phone.

You can also get the Roku Stick and a $10 Roku Media box for $30, which includes both a Roku Video player and Roku TV.

The $20 bundle is also good if you want to get HBO Go for $5 a month, and you also get a Roku Mobile for $15.

The Sling Bundle is also great if you have an older Roku device, as the $24 Sling Streaming TV is a solid option for $35.

If the $35 bundle isn’t for you, Roku’s Sling+ offers a $15 bundle for the Roku 2 and Roku 3, plus a Roku 4, Roku Stick TV, and Roku Mobile.

You’ll also get an extra $20 for the $18 Roku Stick with an adapter, Roku TV for $20, and the Roku TV with a microSD card for $10.

You don’t have to buy the Roku 3 or Roku Stick to get the S-Series bundles, but if you already own an older model of the Roku or an Apple TV, you’re going to want to consider this one as it includes an Sling 2 and an S-series TV, along with the extra features of the SLS1+.

In fact to get these two bundles, you’ll need an Apple television that you already have hooked up to your Apple TV.

For more information on Sling, check out our review of the service.

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