Why Congress is wasting $100 million on a presidential stimulus package

This week, the House of Representatives passed a $100 billion stimulus package that included $25 billion for infrastructure, and $5 billion for the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

That’s good news for the millions of Americans who depend on the program for their healthcare.

But there’s another good reason for lawmakers to be taking this money: The bill is being used as a way to pass a bill that is essentially identical to the one that failed to pass the Senate earlier this year.

While Democrats voted against the Senate version, Republicans were able to pass their version by attaching a version of the legislation to the $20 trillion bill.

The $100 bill contains $1 trillion in additional funding for infrastructure and $3 trillion for the CHIP program.

But instead of just passing the bill and moving on, the GOP used the $100 to pass another $20 billion in legislation.

The GOP bill passed the House, but the Senate failed to vote on it.

Now, the bill will have to be reconciled with the Senate’s $20-trillion-plus bill to get to President Barack Obama’s desk.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is hoping that the $25-tranche of spending will bring some clarity to the GOP’s strategy.

“They’ve taken away $50 billion in tax relief for the wealthiest Americans and they’re trying to give them another $5-tranch,” McCarthy told The Hill.

“This $5 bill is an opportunity for us to say that the tax cuts that we’re putting forward to lower taxes on the middle class and help pay for infrastructure are not going to be offset by additional spending on the health care and education programs.”

This is what the House GOP plan looks like, and it’s similar to the House version passed earlier this month.

But, instead of the $5 trillion bill, the Senate is looking to pass something with $5.1 trillion to $5,950 trillion, which would allow it to add more to the bill, like a $50-trade-up on the Childrens Health Insurance Fund, or another $15 billion to $15,000 billion to expand Medicaid, or $1 billion to cover the cost of the CHP program.

That money is going to go to the same people who are paying for it.

In other words, the $10 bill has a $10.5 trillion to increase the deficit.

What happens when the $50 bill passes?

That $50 money will be paid to the people who don’t need it and get nothing in return.

That $5 tranche is going toward paying for the things that Republicans promised to cut.

The Senate bill also cuts $1.7 trillion from the Medicare Trust Fund and Medicare prescription drug benefit.

The House bill includes $500 billion in savings on military spending, but it doesn’t mention any of those cuts.

That leaves $4 trillion to be cut from the Social Security trust fund and $2.3 trillion from Medicare, but only $300 billion to be added to the Children s Health Insurance Plan.

There’s also $300 million to be found in the Children Health Insurance Fund that goes to pay for the $2 billion to help cover the costs of the bill.

There are many other cuts and other provisions that have been passed into law.

The big one is the $4 billion in unemployment benefits that is supposed to go toward helping people with disabilities and to provide additional job training.

But the unemployment benefit program will also be cut in half, from $1,500 to $500 a week.

That means that if you are unemployed for more than four weeks, you will have an additional $500 in your check.

This is just one example of the hundreds of millions of dollars that the Republicans are taking away from Americans, according to Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R) of Utah.

Chaffetz says that “the American people deserve to know what is being cut and why,” but he doesn’t want the American people to get confused with the millions in unemployment, which will be used for other purposes.

The American people, and the American taxpayers, deserve to be clear about what is actually being cut, said Chaffetz, who has been critical of the spending.

“They’re not going for this to be the stimulus package for our economy, or for us.

That is a massive transfer of money from the middle classes to the wealthiest people in this country,” Chaffetz told The Daily Beast.

“There is nothing in the bill that says, ‘We’re going to provide $100 on top of what we’ve already provided.

We’re going take a $5 cut, and we’re going give you $50 back.

You’re getting nothing in exchange for it.’

They’ve been talking about this as the stimulus.

They’re taking money out of the economy and they have no plan.”

Rep. Tom Cole (R–OK) has been a vocal critic of the GOP bills spending.

But Cole is a member of the House

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