What you need to know about the US Postal Service’s new package rate deal

We’ve been hearing about USPS’s new service to charge you for delivery for years now, but now we have some more details about what it actually does.

The new service, called USPS Package Rates, is a one-time-only package delivery service that lets you get a package for $25, which is an increase from the $12 per package offered previously.

The service is available from the USPS website and is available on select items like a $60 Amazon gift card or a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

It works for USPS Priority Mail and First Class Mail shipments.

Here’s what the USPS says about the new service: The USPS Package Rate service is now available.

It allows you to receive a package in one of two ways: by taking advantage of our new one-click delivery option for your parcel.

If you are an eligible parcel carrier, you may also be eligible to receive an additional $25 credit toward your next delivery with the USPS.

This is for a one time fee of $25.

If your parcel carrier does not have a delivery window, you will be able to take advantage of this service through the USPS Package Receive feature.

Once you receive your parcel, you can either send it back directly to your preferred address or forward it to USPS to receive your next package.

This service is also available for USPS Parcel Select shipments.

If there is a delay in receiving your package, USPS will honor the payment you have made and return the package.

You may also call USPS Customer Service at 1-877-222-4721 and request a package return.

The USPS will then process the refund and return your package for you.

The company says it has not made any changes to the way the service works since its launch in March 2018.

We’ve reached out to USPS for more details and will update this post if we hear back.

The USPS also announced a new program to help offset costs.

Under the new program, customers can earn back the difference between the cost of the USPS package and the cost to deliver it, which includes a $1 fee to the USPS for processing the return.

Customers can apply for the refund within 14 days of receiving their package, or 60 days of the date of delivery, whichever comes first.

The total refund is $3.

You can also claim the refund online.

The money is deposited into the account of the eligible parcel or package carrier.

Here are some of the ways the company can do this:You can request a refund via the USPS Mail Order, Packaging, and Mail Carrier Services (PMS) Program.

You must have received your package in the past 14 days.

The amount of the refund you may receive depends on the USPS method of delivery (the USPS Priority mail option is excluded).

The refund will be credited to your account within 14 business days of receipt.

You will need to provide proof of your payment (such as a bill or credit card).

The amount is deducted from your next USPS payment, or your next payment cycle.

You cannot claim a refund for a USPS-issued check or money order that is sent to your address within 30 days of delivery.

If the amount of your refund is less than $10, the USPS will mail a $2.99 gift card to your next paypal account, and you will receive $1.95 worth of postage and packaging.

You can apply online at USPS.com/purchases/payments-service.

The refund request is processed in 2-3 business days and will be posted to your PayPal account within 4 business days.

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