How to help US farmers and ranchers save $200m in 2016 package

Farming and ranching are booming.

The US economy grew 3.7% last year, but ranchers and farmers are facing a big challenge: finding new revenue sources for their businesses.

The Farm Bill is a $1.4 trillion package of spending that will provide more food, water, transportation, infrastructure and other goods to support the agriculture industry.

It also includes $1 trillion for disaster relief.

“What we’re seeing right now is the most severe drought we’ve seen in the last 100 years,” said Jason Fink, a senior economist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service.

“We have to get through it.”

Farmers and rancher are struggling to make ends meet amid a severe drought.

The USDA estimated last week that farmers in the US spent $11 billion on food last year.

But that figure includes money spent on crop insurance and a wide range of other costs, including the costs of fuel and water.

“We’re looking at $16 billion, $18 billion of food lost,” said Greg McBride, a professor of agricultural economics at UC Davis and an expert on agricultural markets.

That’s about half the amount spent on gasoline last year and nearly half of what the agency projected to spend this year.

The price of corn has also dropped sharply, making it more expensive to produce.

But the USDA said that the overall cost of farming will go down by about $200 billion over the next 10 years.

That’s because farmers will save about $20 billion from lower crop insurance premiums, according to the agency.

The Agriculture Department is working to set up a new federal food security program that will cover the cost of buying food that farmers can’t afford to sell.

It will also pay farmers a share of food costs, but it will provide an incentive for farmers to sell their crops to make up for the loss.

“I think it’s a really good way to make sure we’re helping the farmers that are hurting the most,” said Fink.

The Food and Nutrition Service, which distributes food aid to the needy, has been doing what it can to help ranchers.

It’s sending more than 10,000 tons of corn seed to the farmers in need, including more than $3 million to the North Carolina dairy.

The agency also is working with a number of other states to help farmers with loans and other assistance.

“That’s a great start,” said McBride.

The bill also provides about $250 million to help states weather the drought.

But McBride said that’s a small fraction of what needs to be done.

“This is really a very small part of the overall food security problem,” he said.

The food-safety bill, called the Agriculture Supplemental Food Assistance Program, has not been passed by Congress since 1994.

It is funded by a variety of programs that give low-income people money to buy food and feed their families.

But the administration has said it’s unable to meet its targets for food stamps in the next two years.

The federal food stamp program has been plagued by fraud.

The administration recently found that many people who applied for food assistance are ineligible because they didn’t have jobs.

The White House said the federal government will be able to spend up to $500 million over the 2018 fiscal year on food assistance for people in need.

It says that money will be used to help people with health problems, including those with dementia and other chronic conditions, and to help families in rural areas.

The farm bill includes more than 60 bills aimed at helping farmers, ranchers, and food-security programs.

Here’s a look at what you need to know about them:1.

Farm Bill will provide a wide array of benefits to farmers and ranchers.

The legislation includes food stamps, farm-aid tax credits, crop insurance, food stamps for veterans, disaster relief and disaster assistance.

It includes $25 billion for the National Flood Insurance Program, which helps flood victims pay for flood-related costs.

The $1 billion farm bill also includes:• $4.2 billion for drought relief, including $400 million for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for farmers and $250 for the Farm Bill for food-stamp recipients.• $500 for the United States Department of Labor to help farm businesses hire more workers.• An additional $500 to support research and development for food and agricultural technology.• The USDA is sending more corn to North Carolina than ever before, $150 million more than the agency forecast last year but still a small percentage of what’s needed.

The $1 million corn is the first corn shipment from North Carolina since the drought began.• A $50 million food stamp credit for low-wage workers.

The House passed a bill that would provide $4 billion in disaster aid to farmers, including food stamps.

It passed the Senate but hasn’t yet been sent to the president for his signature.

The bill is expected to be signed by the president next week.2

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