When a package dropped off at a local Starbucks, the delivery driver didn’t know what to do

This is the story of one family’s ordeal when a package containing an appliance and a pair of headphones that were supposed to arrive at their door mysteriously went missing.

The incident occurred back on November 3rd when a family of three decided to drop off their electronics at the local Starbucks and a FedEx truck driver dropped off the package at the wrong address, leaving the package behind.

The package was to be delivered to the family’s home in the Bronx, NY.

The driver of the truck noticed that there was no one on the delivery list for the package and called the customer service department.

Upon arriving, he was informed that the driver was no longer working at the location and that the package had been delivered to a different location.

The family’s attorney told CBS2, “He didn’t realize that the drivers license and insurance didn’t match and he thought it was just an out-of-town shipment.”

The family called the FedEx and the driver told them that the vehicle had been totaled.

When the package arrived at the address, it had been dropped off by the driver who said, “Sorry, but we need the package right now.”

The next day, the package was found to be missing and the family contacted FedEx and they confirmed that the FedEx driver had not been working there.

The father of one of the children, who works for the family, said he is shocked that he didn’t get a call from the FedEx to get the package.

“They didn’t call us, they didn’t contact us,” he said.

“We didn’t tell them, because we didn’t want them to take care of the kids.”

The UPS driver who dropped the package also told the family that he had been in a car accident and that he wasn’t insured.

The next morning, the father went to the address listed on the package, and he saw that the address was incorrect.

The driver then informed the father that the delivery truck had been taken out of service and that there would be no more deliveries for the next week.

The FedEx driver was contacted by the father and he was able to get a receipt that confirmed that his driver’s license and vehicle insurance didn´t match and that his delivery truck would not be able to deliver to his address for the rest of the week.

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